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2017-2018 Officers

Ahmed AlBughdadi

Ahmed AlBughdadi is an engineer of a national and international experience in the field of transportation in Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and UAE. Ahmed received his B.S and M.S with honors from The American University in Cairo (AUC) while working as a Research Assistant. Ahmed was awarded the Riahd Kamal, Ram Foundation, Taher family scholarships and the prestigious Nadhmi Auchi Young Arab Leaders fellowship in addition to cultural and sports merit awards during his studies at AUC for his outstanding academic performance and leadership skills in leading many organization successfully. Having an established vision for success, he will focus on extending the services of TSA, increasing the interaction of its members with the academia and industry experts and cultivating TSA members’ ideas in transportation engineering. Ahmed is Pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University under the guidance of Dr. Omar Smadi and Dr. Basak Bektas. His area of interest is in transportation asset management.

Trevor J. Kirsch
Vice President/ Secretary

Trevor Kirsch is an Engineer In Training (E.I.T.) with many years of experience working with traffic safety data. Trevor received his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Civil Engineering from Wayne State University in May 2016 with both University and Departmental honors. While at Wayne State, he worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant for three years with the Transportation Research Group. Currently, Trevor is pursuing a Master of Science (M.S.) in Transportation Engineering from Iowa State University with expected completion in May 2018. He now works as a Graduate Research Assistant with the Institute for Transportation. Throughout his collegiate engineering career, Trevor has been project manager for a multitude of course projects focused on traffic safety, operations, and highway design.

Bahareh Bazargani

Bahar Bazargani is a Ph.D. student in Transportation Engineering. She has been a “Marco Polo” in pursuing a degree! Bahar got her Bachelors in her hometown Shiraz in Civil Engineering, and then moved to the capital of Iran, Tehran to get her Masters in Transportation Engineering. And now thousands of miles away, Bahar is a graduate research assistant pursuing her Ph.D. at Ames, Iowa. She is a team player and enjoys being part of different committees. During her undergrad, Bahar has been a Student Ambassador for Shiraz University in all events. Being an active thinker and responsible has made Bahar famous among all the students and professors during her studies.  She is disciplined, determined and devoted to her duties.  As a treasurer, Bahar’s goal in TSA is to give her time and effort to a more active and better-performing student organization. She is well-known in accounting and keeping up with a limited budget. With the help of her great team members of TSA, Bahar is confident towards a delightful future for TSA.


Qilin (Cami) Liu
Recruitment Chair

Qilin Liu, also known as Cami, is an Engineer In Training (E.I.T.) and master student under the direction of Dr. Hallmark. She is known for being the president and founder of International Students Association Club in her undergraduate year. Her interests in transportation engineering grew rapidly while apart of the TSA, participating in speaker meetings as an under grad. Cami became an Engineering Student Council Representative due to her prior experience in founding & operating the International Student Association Club. Her area of transportation interest is identifying vehicle conflict in intersections while under different circumstances.


Ali Nahvi
Social Chair/ESC Representative

Ali Nahvi is a Ph.D. student in intelligent infrastructure. Ali got his Bachelors in his hometown Tehran in Civil Engineering, and then moved U.S to pursue his graduate studies. Ali got his Masters in construction engineering at ISU. Currently his PhD research topic is on developing decision making algorithms for intelligent infrastructure systems. As a social chair, Ali’s goal in TSA is to increase the association’s publicity. With the help of other great team members of TSA, Ali is confident towards an effective contribution in TSA.